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PlushLegion® is a Registered Trademark and specialises in Prayer Singing Children's Religious Educational Soft Toys & Book

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We are a UK based company with sole intellectual property rights of bespoke children's prayer singing religious educational soft toys. Launched in 2019, PlushLegion® prides itself in providing cherished religious, educational and cultural soft toys for all ages. The Pray, Listen, Learn and Sing-along soft toys are designed to promote the use of calm music to soothe your child to sleep, whilst enhancing their understanding of religious prayers.

Our Purpose; is to strengthen traditional values and teach children to appreciate the importance of religion and culture through Pray, Listen, Learn and Sing-along.

Our Terms and Conditions are provided by PlushLegion® referred to as PlushLegion, Plush Legion, Plushlegion 'us', 'our' or 'we' in these terms which include PlushLegion® TradeMark Registration Number UK00003194790

PlushLegion® wants to work very closely with all communities. Together, let's enhance Children's learning.

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PlushLegion® is committed to giving something back and would love to hear from you regarding any queries.

Correspondence for all PlushLegion® related enquires please contact: info@plushlegion.com