Keeping Children Busy

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With the recent coronavirus pandemic, people throughout the UK are being asked to stay at home and practice social distancing as a means to reducing the spread of the virus. However, for families with young children, this can be challenging. Children become bored quite easily and, if they are not entertained, they might become naughty or act out against each other.

While difficult, staying home with your kids can be easy and a lot of fun. To help you keep your children entertained indoors, we are going to take a look at some fun and educational things that you can do. Let’s get started:

Ways To Keep Your Children Busy Indoors

Bake - children love to cook and it can be a very educational experience for them. You can choose to bake a healthy, delicious snack or something decadent and sweet.

Create A Scavenger Hunt - by creating a scavenger hunt, you give your children a chance to use their detective skills and find objects hidden throughout the house.

Play A Board Game - board games are fun and educational and can teach children strategy. Be sure to choose an age appropriate game to ensure that everyone is having fun.

Complete A Puzzle - puzzles are a great way to get your child thinking. They can also be a confidence booster as your child completes the puzzle and shows off his or her work.

Write A Story - older children can write a story and read it to their younger siblings. The story can be religious or teach a valuable lesson.

Put On A Show - have your children create and act out a play based on their favourite religious stories.

Play Cards - there is a wide range of card games that children can play to keep them from getting bored. They can play against each other, or the whole family can play.

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